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DiskView Testimonials



Read what our users have to say about DiskView

"Quick, easy and useful" - Doug Knox, Microsoft Most Valued Professional(MVP) for Windows XP


"The guys at Vyooh have worked hard to create a visually enticing interface, down to the shades of colour in each chart. The result is a delight, offering a more familiar approach that works alongside, rather than instead of, the traditional folder-based Windows Explorer..." - Jeremy Wagstaff, Wall Street Journal


"The most powerfull disk usage program I've found, DiskView integrates nicely with Explorer and includes SMART disk health statistics." - Scott Hanselman


"Wow. I just download DiskView. What a great product. This is something Microsoft should have put in Windows! Truly one of the most useful applications I’ve ever found. The best part is, it integrates into Windows Explorer!!! Thanks, guys! - Ivan Wiegand, NewSpace Media


"I am not known for gratuitous praise, but I do not know how I got along without DiskView on every server and Systems Administration workstation in the data centers I have run in the past 13 years. I have always asked my Windows Server System Admins to develop a mechanism or procedure to identify over utilizations of shared storage. With shared folder structures being sometimes 10 levels (or more) deep, it is tough to visualize that one folder, near the tree’s bottom, with “Sam’s HD image on it.” Not so with DiskView. Situations like this now pop-out with little effort. Now we either trim the fat with the Client’s permission, or assist our Customer Relationship Managers with meaningful reporting to enforce and accurately bill Clients under Service Level Agreements."

"Hard to believe, but in one product, with a great new millennium look and approach, an open (systems) scripting architecture, and a fantastic per unit price, I project a 500% ROI in 2 fiscal years. Well done, Vyooh. I do not know how any IT Director, CTO, or Data Center Manager could justify running a Windows Server enterprise without DiskView. DiskView, personal edition, is also a tremendous value for letting the proactive customer effectively manage their storage resources with complete clarity. I recommend DV wholeheartedly. (I have wanted this package for over a decade now.) Thanks Vyooh, my wait for quality metrics is over!"

- C. Frazier Mitchell, Jr. formerly Chief Systems Engineer, City of Columbus, Ohio


"Nice work. The explorer integration is the tightest I've seen, Microsoft should buy this up." - Greg


"DiskView has a very clean, visual feel - quite unusual in software... I think you've done it just right." - Another satisfied user


"With one glance, I could see a hidden system folder eating up a lot of my disk-space. With a couple clicks, I was able to reclaim my disk space. Without DiskView I would probably have reformatted my system and started afresh!" - Jim Davis, Lucerne, Switzerland


"It's being a Windows Explorer add-in makes it extremely convenient and hassle free - why need another program when all you want to know is how much space your folders are taking?" - User comment at Novell Cool Solutions article on DiskView

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