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How can disk analysis be scheduled with the DiskView Analyzer?

DiskView Analyzer can be run as a scheduled task automatically when your computer is idle or at specified times.

An easy way to set up the scheduled task is by copying the job file from http://www.diskview.com/DiskViewAnalyzer.job to your Control Panel > Scheduled Tasks folder. Then right click and click on the Properties menu item.  In the window that opens set the user password, and modify the task schedule (in the schedule pane) to run the Analyzer on a regular basis, or when the computer is idle.

DiskViewAnalyzer.exe takes an optional command line parameter " -auto" that causes it to run a background scan. By scheduling a task in the "Scheduled Tasks" available from the Control Panel, and setting ' "C:\Program Files\Vyooh\DiskView\DiskViewAnalyzer.exe" -auto ' as the program to be run, the scan can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, monthly, or when the computer is idle.

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